This is a story about Slink & Jingle, two halves of the same Slinky. They've always been together, and even when their owner moved away and left them behind, they did not fret, for they had each other. They reveled in this newfound independence for many seasons, until a new owner moved in and attempted to claim Slink & Jingle for themselves. But they did not want a new owner, they only wanted each other and freedom. This is the story of how Slink & Jingle earned their freedom.

A game by Steven Dunn and Taryn Allen.

The main mechanic involves you launching your slinky. Some people are struggling with this -- which is totally on us! We should have given a better in-game tutorial. But in order to try and help you enjoy the game, here's a step-by-step walkthrough of how to fling yourself.

  1. Move one end of the slinky with A/D
  2. Lock it in place with S
  3. Switch control to the other end with LEFT SHIFT
  4. Move away from your locked end with A/D
  5. Jump with SPACE
  6. Jump again in mid-air to release your other locked end

When you jump the first time, you start getting pulled towards your locked end because of the stiffness of the spring. When you jump a second time (and release the locked end) you will keep your momentum and launch yourself through the air!


  • ***R - go to the last checkpoint*** (very important if you get stuck somewhere or miss a throw!)
  • ESC - pause/unpause
  • Q - quit (when paused)
  • A - move left
  • D - move right
  • S - lock
  • W - unlock
  • SPACE - jump
  • LEFT SHIFT - change character
  • SPACE while in the air - release the other locked end

Packs Used: 

  • Arcade Machines Pack 01 - Lowpoly Pack: AurynSky
  • Arcade Machines Pack 02 - Lowpoly Pack: AurynSky
  • Big Furniture Pack: Vertex Studio
  • Free Orchestral Music Pack: Joe Gallagher
  • Free Rug Pack: Azerilo Kitchen Appliance - Low Poly: Alstra Infinite
  • Kitchen Props Free: Jake Sullivan
  • Picture Frames with Photos: 3Dfrk Simple Wall Lamp: FlatRiver
  • Toon Furniture: Elcanetay


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Funny and cute! Took a while to get a hang on the controls though, it could be a good idea to clarify that sideways movement can slide across any surface, because I tried to jump and that didn't really help. Good job still!